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Clay Connections

Are you a part of the clay community at BrickHouse? Join us for an evening with fellow potters to share food, information and inspiration.

Saturday, March 23rd at 5:30pm

Potluck and Presentation - This is a free event!

Bring food to share and enjoy this two part presentation; a slideshow and brief movie on the Dragon Kiln Village.

Part One

Slideshow and Presentation By: Katie Zhao

Katie is a local area high school student, who made a journey of discovery to learn about the rich relationship Ceramics has shared within the Chinese culture throughout its long history with clay. Ceramic Art and Pottery has been and remains one of the most significant forms of art in China and has had an impact on cultures all around the world. She would like to share with you; through slides and lecture what she discovered about the ways ancient practices of the past are still upheld today, and discuss the direction ceramics continues to evolve across

Part Two

Movie Presentation Tao Yao (Pottery and Dragon Kiln Village)

This short, 20 minute film, is an award-winning documentary, which won the 2008 United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Clay Art Award and the 2008 Montreal Film Festival Heritage Award for documentary films. It focuses on the “Dragon Kiln Village”, a small town in Jing Xian, in the Anhui Province, where master potters continue to practice the traditional techniques used for centuries to create large scale, ceramic vessels. Everything they create is wood fired in a huge “Dragon Kiln” built deep into the side of a hill. Their simple, completely manual processes harken back to a slice of clay history which has all but disappeared.


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