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BrickHouse offers an exceptional range and level of courses in wheel throwing, handbuilding, sculpture and technical topics, with 4 terms each year. Each term is divided into two sessions. Our experienced faculty has a broad range of practical experience as well as formal training and education from ceramic arts programs at major universities.
BrickHouse classes meet for 3 hours once per week each session, with class enrollment limited to 10 participants or less. We guarantee all students enrolled in wheel throwing classes have access to a wheel during their class time. Tuition includes clay and glazes. Benchtime is also available during non-class hours weekdays, evenings, and Saturdays for a fee. Additional clay and tools can be purchased at BrickHouse. 
Due to the very high demand for makeup classes, and the increasing inability to provide seats in classes that are entirely full, BrickHouse is no longer able to provide makeup classes. If you are forced to miss a class, we are offering free Benchtime in lieu of a make-up class.  Your instructor can issue a Benchtime pass for your absence.  Present it to the monitor when you come in for Benchtime.  The monitor will collect it in lieu of the Benchtime fee.  It will expire when the session ends.
BrickHouse offers both one and two hour private lessons, for you, and maybe a friend or two, if you can’t find time for a full session of classes.  You’ll have a great time working one-on-one with an experienced instructor, where you will create pieces using hand building or wheel throwing techniques.  (See below for our one-hour or two-hour classes)

The recurring classes listed below are Adult ClassesDue to safety and liability concerns, we do not allow minors to be in the adult classes. BrickHouse serves over 200 adults in the studio each week and therefore, does not have the ability to take on the responsibility of an unaccompanied minor.  Adult conversations may not be appropriate for minors. Certain dangers inherent in raw glaze chemicals, sharp tools, and electrical equipment are also of concern.  A child or teenager may take a scheduled private lesson, have a private party or take a class with a parent or guardian.
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Proof of vaccination will be required to register for the summer term. BrickHouse requires the use of 95% masks in our studio to create a safe working environment at BrickHouse. 95% masks are tight-fitting and filter out at least 95% of particles in the air, including large and small particles. 
If you are buying this as a gift please purchase a Gift Card instead.
Classes for the SUMMER TERM will be available for registration on this page starting June 15th, 2021. Summer Classes Schedule
Classes for the FALL TERM will be available for registration on this page starting August 10th, 2021. Fall Classes Schedule

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