Associate Artist Information

BrickHouse Ceramic Art Center offers ceramic artists shelf space in the Associate Artist Studio for a monthly fee. The Associate Studio is separate from the teaching studios and is exclusively for the Associates. The Associates also have access to all of the studio equipment and spaces at BrickHouse which includes, slab rollers, potter's wheels, extruders, glazes, glaze mixing and kilns.

The $200 monthly fee includes:

  • Use of the Associate Artist Studio when BrickHouse Ceramic Art Center is open
  • Use of facilities and studio glazes
  • Personal shelf space for artwork
  • Possible inclusion in holiday sale, gallery walks, and other exhibitions
  • A locker (additional lockers can be rented at an additional fee)
  • 2 Shelves to store work and tools

Key Holders

For an additional $100 per month, an Associate Artist may become a Key Holder. Key Holders have unlimited access to the studio. You must be an Associate for at least 2 months before a key can be allocated. A $25 deposit will be collected for the key and returned when the key is returned. 


Rental Terms

Monthly fees are due on the 1st of each month and will not be suspended due to illness, emergencies, or other events beyond our control.  Late payments will be assessed a late fee.

Incidents of behavior not in accordance with the principles of BrickHouse are grounds for termination and revocation of rental agreement.

Security Deposit

A security deposit of one month's fee will be collected at the beginning of the agreement. The security deposit will be used as the last month's rent as long as all fees have been paid in full. As per the Rental Agreement, two-months (2) notice is required before leaving the studio. If you leave without two-months (2) notice your security deposit will not be returned.


Associates can choose to submit their work for firing by the staff at 5¢ per cubic inch or fire their work at a cost per kiln load.*

*Kiln Certification is required to load own kiln. Stacking education is available.* 

Studio Hours

Associates who are not Key Holders have access to the Associate studio during BrickHouse Ceramic Art Center's normal business hours.

 Anyone interested in becoming an Associate must submit an application.

Application can be found here. Please email to submit.

The Associate studio is currently Full. Any applications sent will be reviewed and placed on a waitlist. Wait times can vary from months to a year since space only becomes available when a current Associate leaves.