I've never worked with clay before; do you offer classes for beginners?

Of course! We offer classes that suit the needs of a novice or a pro. We intentionally limit the size of our classes so that our beginning students are able to receive the one-on-one instruction necessary while the intermediate students can develop their ideas and skills under the supervision of the instructor.

What sorts of classes are offered at BrickHouse?

BrickHouse offers both handbuilding and wheel classes for all levels.

If you've never worked with clay before, handbuilding is a great place to begin. In these classes students will learn the skills needed to construct forms using the slab, coil, and pinch methods. Our Dream it…Make it class allows students of all levels to transform their individual ideas into reality with the help of the instructor, while our all-level handbuilding classes cover a wide range of basic handbuilding skills through various group projects.

Our wheel classroom consists of 12 wheels where students learn the skills needed to 'throw' and trim a pot. Students will also become experienced in basic glazing techniques as well as the firing process. While wheel throwing may look easy in videos, keep in mind that practice makes perfect. This is a class that requires patience, an open mind, and of course a sense of humor when things may go awry.

Do you offer children's classes?

Unfortunately we do not offer children's classes. However, if your child has a birthday coming up we are more than happy to cater to his or her special day. BrickHouse offers private parties for all ages; perfect for birthday parties, work events, or just something fun to do with family and friends.

What do I need to bring to my first class?

If you own your own clay tools you are more than welcome to bring those. If not, we can sell you a tool kit so you can get started. We also find having an old hand towel by your side helpful, but not necessary. Otherwise, everything else that you may need should be here.

What do I wear to class?

Clay is a messy medium so be sure to wear clothes that you don't mind getting dirty or a large apron. Luckily clay comes out of fabric without much effort but there are glazes and other materials here that aren't so forgiving.

What is included in the class fee?

The class fee includes a weekly 3 hour slot of instruction, unlimited studio stoneware, and glazes. What is not included you may ask? Firing is an additional 4¢ per cubic inch (a decent sized mug generally costs about $3) for both firings. If you do not own a set of clay tools we require that you purchase a kit for your class. And lastly, if you are looking to come in outside of class time to practice your skills, Benchtime is available for an additional fee.

Can I come in to see the studio before I commit?

We are more than happy to give you a tour of our facility. Come in during our open hours and one of staff will show you around.

I want to register for a class but can't make it into the studio; can I register over the phone/internet?

Of course. Whether it's by fax, phone, e-mail or good old fashioned snail mail, we'll take it. As far as payment goes, you can send a check, write your credit card information on the registration form, or we can take your information over the phone.

What happens if I can't make it to class?

Unfortunately, missed classes are not refundable. Please understand that when you sign up for a session of classes, we reserve a wheel or table space for you for that particular time slot. Our classes fill with reserved spaces so there isn't room for anyone extra. There are no refunds or credits given for missed classes.

My schedule conflicts with your class times; how can I receive instruction at a time that works better for me?

Those of you wishing to learn the ropes but can't quite find the time may want to consider a private lesson. Pick a time during our open hours (and when a class isn't in session) that suits your schedule and we'll figure out the rest. Take a look at our 'classes' page on the website for prices.

I am experienced with clay; is there space where I can work independently?

BrickHouse was founded with you in mind. Nearly half of our studio is devised to fit the needs of our experienced ceramicists or as we like to call them, our Associates. For a monthly fee Associate Artists rent a designated shelf space (prices range from $150-$275 depending on size) where they can store their clay ware while they work in a communal setting. The Associate Studio has 8 wheels as well as a number of large work tables. You can also use our Independent Study option listed below.

What is Benchtime?

Benchtime is our word for practice time or independent study. Benchtime is a time where students can come to the studio and practice the skills learned in class without the assistance of an instructor. Remember, practice makes perfect and for that reason we strongly recommend our students to take advantage of the studio's Benchtime hours to hone in on their potting skills. For registered students we offer two options: $5 per visit or $50 for an unlimited number of visits during the term.

For the more independent ceramicist we offer a 6 week Benchtime Package for $255 that allows the student 6 weeks of unlimited access to independently develop their skills during our scheduled Benchtime hours. For those who aren't able to commit to a 6 week package, we also offer a weekly option that allows artists an unlimited number of visits for $50 per week.

What is a Benchtime 'visit'?

A 'visit' is a one-time stay. Depending on your schedule a visit may be an hour, a few hours, or maybe the whole day. Be sure to grab one of our Benchtime schedules to verify that a class isn't in session during the time you plan to come.

What happens if before I use my $50 unlimited Benchtime, the term ends?

We suggest that you purchase Benchtime once you know your schedule and are certain that you have time to come in to practice. Benchtime is not refundable and must be used within the term that it was purchased. It will not carry over to the next term.

What temperature do you fire to?

We have five electric kilns. We bisque all of our student ware to cone 06 and glaze fire to cone 6 oxidation. If you are an Asssociate or student who is an experienced ceramicist and generally fire to a different temperature or like to stack your own work, you can load a personal kiln and fire accordingly at a price per kiln load.

Can I rent kiln space if I do not work in your studio?

We do not rent kiln space to artists that work outside of our studio.

Can I bring my own clay?

Certainly. In addition to our studio stoneware, BrickHouse carries a number of different clay bodies that are available for sale by the bag or by the box. However, if you happen to have your own clay supply you are more than welcome to bring it with you. Just keep in mind that you will have to recycle the clay separately.

I have a glaze that I LOVE; can I mix my own glazes at BrickHouse?

If you have a specific recipe that you would like to use, then by all means, mix it here. We have a wide variety of glaze materials that you are welcome to use. Just be sure to see one of our staff prior to mixing so they can set you up with a form to price the materials accordingly. We also teach glaze classes so you can learn how to mix your own glazes if you would like to.

Can I purchase a gift certificate for BrickHouse?

What says happy birthday or happy anniversary better than a pottery class? If you are interested in purchasing a gift certificate for someone special just give us a call or e-mail with your information and we'll mail you a personalized certificate.

Can I have my birthday party at BrickHouse?

Whether it's a birthday party, a work event, or just a get together with friends and family, BrickHouse is more than happy to host your social functions. Please see the 'parties' page on our website for pricing information.

Is there any room for storage at the studio?

Yes, each student gets their own shelf to keep clay, tools, and their work on. There are also lockers available for $10 per term for anything you would like to store and lock away. You must bring your own lock.